Please note: We are currently on hiatus, but you can still reach us on Instagram @Fantomwear if you need us!

Fantom Wear is a Melbourne based label specialising in all things shiny and stretchy. We have a special interest in costumes for festivals, cosplay & other performance, as well as activewear that’s a little outside of the box. We have an interest in comics, games & movies, and our work often reflects our somewhat geeky interests.

As festival kids, cosplayers and performers ourselves, we the designers and owners of Fantom Wear are excited to get involved and support our wonderful community. Our little costume shop has grown out of our hobby and passion, and we’re trying really hard to build our costume-making dreams. Still a small operation at this stage, we’re focusing our energies on quality and creativity – we want to present something unique, but also well-made and comfortable that will last. This is why all Fantom Wear is sweatshop free and handmade in Australia.

If you’re looking for costume ideas, Fantom Wear provides a range of pieces which can be used for Halloween, music festivals, geeky conventions, dance costumes or something a little bit sexy. We’ve been blown away by the creativity of our customers! Fantom Wear pieces have been incorporated into Wonder Woman, The Riddler, Harley Quinn, X-Men, Catwoman, Jessica rabbit, Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts, Star Wars, anime such as Sailor Moon and Naruto, burlesque, cheerleader, pirates and superhero costumes, just to name a handful. With the right accessories (cosplay wigs, a corset, tutu, or home made armor) you can be anything!

Thanks so much for visiting our website. If you like what we do and are interested to keep in touch, please follow us on Instagram @fantomwear to see our latest projects, news and updates.

XX Fantom Wear

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