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At Fantom Wear we are proud to be able to offer orders by commission, but before you submit a request to us there are some things you need to know:

A “commission” order is where you can submit your own design to us, to be made up from scratch and to your specifications. This is an unusual thing for an online store to offer because the process is quite complex, so we are just trialling it at this stage.

Custom items will take longer to arrive than ready-to-wear items and can by affected by busy periods. We’re a fairly small company and there are many extra steps in creating a unique item. Particularly unusual or complex items can be a bit more expensive too. That said, we will be up-front in our correspondence with you about both timelines and costs!

In order to ensure nothing goes wrong in the process, it is important that you have a clear vision of what you want from us before you embark on this process. To guide you through what’s required we have come up with a web form you to complete (below) to collect all the essential information we need from you before we start.

Please read through this form carefully, including all terms and conditions, before completing. If you are commissioning an item that you know we have made previously, you can simply complete the required fields, your measurements or size, and tell us which item you are after in the ‘short description’ field, leaving the rest of the form blank.

If you are requesting something completely original then you need to provide us with as much information as possible.

After you click agree and submit we will sometimes email you to clarify anything we’re unsure about, and we will write back to you with a quote for your order as soon as possible (this can sometimes take around 1 week).

Upon reply we will also be able to let you know how soon we think we can have your order made up for you. We will not start making your item until we are completely sure of the details and have your approval for the design.

Here are links to our privacy policy and commission terms and conditions that we strongly recommend you read before completing this form.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to make your ideas come to life!

Commission Name (required)

Your Name (required)

Your Email Address (required)

Your Telephone Number (optional)

Short description of your requested commission garment:

Please upload any pictures (designs, inspiration photos, etc.) that can help us better understand your request:
You can upload your pictures as a .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff or in a compressed file such as a .ZIP or .RAR. If you have difficulties uploading your images or want to send more, please keep them for now and send us as part of our follow-up email correspondence.

The wearer's measurements:
(Please see our how-to-measure guide for assistance.)
Be as accurate and up-to-date with these details as possible. (If this info is inaccurate we cannot guarantee that the item will fit correctly. Fantom will not be able to accommodate late amendments / updates to submitted measurements).

Images of the wearer (optional):
Wearer should be photographed in fitted clothing, such as bathers, underwear, a catsuit/bodysuit, etc., to provide clear information to our pattern makers.
Photos should be full-height, head to toe. If photographing yourself, it can help to use a mirror or ask a friend to take these photos.
Fantom Wear will not give these images to any third party, and will only use these images for the purposes of accurate garment fitting.
Facing Camera (front):
Side-on to Camera (side):
Back to Camera (behind):

Is there a date you ideally need this project finished by?

I agree to the Privacy Policy and the Custom/Commission Terms and Conditions.

Some photos from happy customers in their Custom Fantom garments:

Note: Some customers may have further altered their Fantom Wear products to complete their costume/outfit.
Fantom Wear does not sell third-party additional accessories or include trademarked logos in our products.

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