We’ve seen so much amazing armour out there, and we’re a little addicted hunting down and consuming the amazing free and informative tutorials available across the web. We decided to compile a list of our top 5 of the moment – hope you enjoy them too!

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here is a pic of Kamui Cosplay from the promotional flyer of this year’s Unplugged Expo, showing us exactly how coplay armor is done well! Kamui Cosplay does a whole series of video tutorials on her YouTube Chanel, and we link to these below as well.
Kamui Cosplay on the Unplugged Expo Flyer

Before getting started, it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to know which materials are best suited to the the particular armour you want to make. This article from the archives of OhMyCosplay! does an excellent job of breaking this down clearly and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of craft foam, Wonderflex and Worbla (with a few further tutorials linked along the way).

If you’re making body armour, the first thing you need to make after deciding on your materials, is a pattern to work from. Here’s that video tutorial we mentioned from KamuiCosplay which shows you how to do just that – and it’s much easier than you may have thought!
(Please note that this video is in German, but you can easily turn the subtitles on using the little cog in the bottom right!)

Now you can get started with your chosen material! The remaining three articles are good all-rounders that cover the fundamental stept for creating with Foam, Wonderflex and Worbla – or sometimes a combination of all three!

Craft Foam:
This is a fantastic craft foam armour tutorial showing techniques that can be applied to a whole world of cosplay-able possibilities. There are also lots of handy pictures in this step-by-step, and the finished results look great. Links to further tutorials can also be found at the end of the article.

For wonderflex, we really enjoyed the video tutorials by Rexluna Cosplay, who has heaps of handy tips and tricks on her YouTube channel. If you’ve got 20min, this is an excellent 2 part intro.

This Lux cosplay tutorial is an excellent all-rounder – gauntlets, breastplate, boots – it’s all covered!
Lux Cosplay Finished Armour Image

Now that you’ve got the basics and seen what’s possible out there, we hope you’re feeling a bit more confident about making your own armour. We felt so inspired by these tutorials that we immediately got started on some armour of our own in preparation for Oz Comic Con. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with, and would love to see what creative pieces you have been working on too!

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